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Tuma Persa

Exclusive product with registered trademark!

Cheese made with cow's milk only and aged for 8 months, with a long and aromatic aftertaste reminiscent of blue cheeses, with a very low sodium content.

It owes its name to a phase of the production process, when once placed in the molds it is no longer touched for 8/10 days, then it is washed and left to ferment again for the same time before being finally washed, brushed and salted. .

The term "Persa" (lost) of the name is to be attributed precisely to this "abandonment" of the cheese.

The rind is yellow-ocher in color and becomes dark following the curatina, that is the capping performed with oil and ground pepper. The paste is tender, compact and tending to crumble, with few holes, white to straw yellow in color. The flavor is between sweet and spicy but never salty, with a long and aromatic aftertaste that vaguely recalls blue cheeses.


Thermised cow's milk, salt, lamb rennet, lactic fermentation, sunflower oil and ground pepper in a crust.


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Producer: Caseificio Passalacqua

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