Azienda Casearia La Mannirata

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Fresh Cheese of Girgentana Goat 1 kg

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Fresh Cheese of Goat with Pistachio 650 g

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Fresh Caciotta of Girgentana Goat 600 g

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Baked Ricotta of Goat 500 g

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Azienda Casearia La Mannirata

San Biagio Platani (AG)


From San Biagio Platani in the province of Agrigento, within the Sicani Mountains, the new range of Girgentana Goat cheeses.

The dairy company La Mannirata was born from the passion of two young brothers who, after having undertaken a training course for milk processing and cheese production, created their own Girgentane goat farm and a production laboratory, with a proposal of cheeses with raw milk and with tasty and particular varieties, both with the classic primosale and aged cheeses and with the varieties of lactic coagulation robiola and the Blue with molds that recall French cheeses.

A proposal to be discovered and appreciated, characterized above all by the organoleptic properties of milk.

The Girgentana goat has its name which derives from Girgenti (today Agrigento), unmistakable for its long spiral horns and lives only in the province of Agrigento. Today its cheese is a Slow Food presidium precisely to protect this ancient goat breed, as it has been seriously at risk of extinction in recent decades.

Its milk is renowned for the quality due to the excellent balance between fats and proteins, very delicate, rich in iron and zinc and which is easily digestible. Its composition, after that of Asina, is closer than any other to mother's milk, so it is very suitable in the diet of children, the elderly, the sick and in cases of allergy caused by cow's milk proteins.