Azienda Agricola Baronia della Pietra

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Nero di Camico Red Wine IGP 75 cl

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Sikane Red Wine IGP 75 cl

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Diodoro White Wine DOP 75 cl

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Lisciandra White Wine IGP 75 cl

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Oblio dei Sensi IGP 50cl

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Chinens Red Wine DOP 75 cl

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ArbaRosa Rose Wine 75 cl

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Di Salvatore Barbiera

92010 Alessandria della Rocca (AG)


The company


The farm is located at the Commune of Alessandria della Rocca in the Sicani Mountains district, on a hill at 400 m high, sunny and ventilated.

It is a family tradition that has been passed on for generations, when the great-grandfather of current owner Salvatore Barbiera planted the first olive trees in 1860, handing down the genuineness and values ​​for respect for the environment.

Among the priorities are the preservation of nature and the agrarian landscape, the maintenance and increase of the durable fertility of the land, the use of state-of-the-art means and technologies for energy saving and it only collects the best that the earth can give, to get healthy foods from precious virtues.

The Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti (FIVI – Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) has the scope of representing and safeguarding the figure of the winemaker in relation to the institutions by promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines.

FIVI groups together winemakers that meet the following criteria:

The winegrower cultivates his own vines, bottles the wine, personally catering to his product. He sells all or part of the harvest bottled, under his own responsibility, name and label.

The winegrower does not purchase grapes or wines for commercial purposes; he buys grapes only in extreme cases of vinification needs, in conformity with the laws in force.

The winegrower respects the oenological norms of the profession, limiting the use of needless and costly additives, focusing his attention on the production of wholesome grapes that do not need “maquillage” in the cellar.






One of the methods used to fertilize without the use of chemicals is the "sovescio": legumes are planted among vineyards, like wild beans, and let grow until bloom, when the plant is rich in nitrogen, then it is Passes the mechanical plow to submerge and chop the plant so that it lands the soil with its own biomass and releases, in particular, the same nitrogen.

The ground is clear, limestone, rich in calcium carbonate and the grapes grow healthy, ripen in the sun and refresh the night.

The district is called Chinesi, once inhabited by the Sicani, cultivated by the Arabs, then belonging to the Church of Agrigento on the concession of the Normans, finally bought by the noble Barresi family of Norman origin.








The wines produced are four, of which two red and two white all IGP.

The first red wine is Sikane, produced with black D'Avola and Sirah grapes. An intriguing wine with authentic and vibrant colors in the shades. Sicilian heat is noticeable by the slow fluidity and the nose with strong impact. Minuous and defined in the smallest detail, notes of raspberries, strawberries and red currants, integrated and alternating with sweet spices and peppery in the same time, they close the perfume. The wine enters the mouth in a decisive, dry and warm way, great wrap-around but stuffed with a significant freshness.

The second red is the Nero di Camico, produced with Merlot grapes and Cabernet Sauvignon. Purple-purple, purple-colored wine with intense and complex scent, in the mouth nose notes of plum and ripe cherry, the present tannins give the wine a great softness.

The first white is the Diodoro, obtained from Grillo grapes in purity. The wine presents itself throughout its youthful splendor with that still green and crisp side. The light is reflected in a bright and shining way. The nose is linear, with the territoriality that blends perfectly with the features of the cricket, which exude fragrant fruits including peach, apricot, mango and figs of india. Fresh news for the Sicilian landscape, will accompany the summer in all its splendor.

Finally the second white is the Lisciandra, obtained from Catarratto grapes. The wine has a straw yellow color and at table it finds the best matches with sea food. He is a perfect companion for starters, crustaceans, fish dishes and can be combined with delicate white meats.