Azienda Agricola Leto Antonino

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Natural Almond Butter

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Hulled Fava Beans 400 g

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Nectar of Prickly Pears 25 cl

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Red Chickpeas 400 g

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Azienda Agricola Leto Antonino

Alessandria della Rocca (AG)


The company


The Leto Antonino Farm was born in '94 in the hinterland of Agrigentino, in the territory of the Commune of Alessandria della Rocca and is dedicated to the production of dried fruits, honey and legumes.

Using the agrarian knowledge that belongs to the family for generations, has always tried to promote cultivation with traditional methods to obtain genuine and quality products.






It started producing almonds, dried figs, walnuts, beans, black and white chickpeas, wild fennel seeds and broad beans, then supplementing the cultivation with the apistine passion for honey production.






In the past few years, he chose to develop an almond product that is unique in its characteristics, coming to market the "Mennulata", a fully almond product of his own cultivation of Alexandria of the Rock, variety "Naruna" and "Don Pitrinu ". That  looks like a butter, to be used as a base for sweet and savory dishes, such as matching honey to a good sweet and healthy cream containing all the properties of both The products, or the addition of extra virgin olive oil to be used as a condiment for the pasta.

The choice to value an almond product is also due to the fact that the Commune of Alessandria della Rocca is among the major producers of the territory of Agrigentino, which in turn is one of the main national producers, so as well as value a product with innumerable beneficial properties it is valorised also the territory itself.


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