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Tonaca di Monaco Coffee 500 g

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Tonaca di Monaco Coffee Beans 3 kg

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Tonaca di Monaco Special Coffee Beans 3 kg

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Caffè del Professore Coffee Beans 3 kg

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New Tonaca di Monaco 40 Coffee Pods

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Moka Termini



Monti Sicani and beyond ...

From Palermo the coffee proposal of the best selection of Moka Termini, always present in the bars and homes of the Sicilian hinterland, an unmistakable coffee for intensity and taste so much that it is now part of our tradition.

Born in 1932 from the creativity and tenacity of its owner Nunzio Termini, the company soon became a renowned brand throughout the country.

It differentiates the proposal over time with different blends to meet the various requests, where the "Tonaca di Monaco" brand stands out, fully interpreting the tradition of Italian coffee and now present in the best bars in Sicily,

in addition to the "Caffè del Professore", the most prestigious of the brands produced by Moka Termini, which more than once the same Nunzio Termini defined the best in Italy, appreciated especially in the territory of Naples which is the home of coffee and perhaps the best judge.