Caseificio Passalacqua & C. s.r.l.

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Tuma Persa 500 g

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Fior di Garofalo 1500 g

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Caseificio Passalacqua

Castronovo di Sicilia (PA)


From the heart of the Sicani Mountains, in Castrovono di Sicilia, the Caseificio Passalacqua is born with its unique cheeses in the world.

From the tenacity of the young entrepreneur Salvatore Passalacqua, at the end of the 1980s, the company was born that has always had the aim of combining tradition and innovation to offer unique and quality products.

Starting from the raw material with milk that comes exclusively from animals raised in the wild or semi-wild, in the Sicilian territory.


The Products

This is how the company's flagship products with registered trademark are born, which are:

the Tuma Persa, aged 8 months with a strong, spicy taste and low sodium content, also characterized by beautiful flavored

and Fior di Garofalo with a soft, flowery rind and a delicate flavor.

Thanks to these two excellences, the company has found an excellent response both nationally and internationally, receiving more and more attention and approval from the world of gastronomy and starred cuisine.