Azienda Agricola Cacciatore Angelo

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Organic Fresh Pecorino 900 g

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Organic Half-Matured Pecorino B. Pep. 900g

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Fresh Pecorino with Black Pepper 900 g

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Organic Fresh Pecorino 6 kg

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Organic Matured Pecorino 900 g

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Organic Matured Pecorino 6 kg

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Organic Half-Matured Pecorino B.Pepp. 6 kg

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Azienda Agricola - Caseificio Cacciatore Angelo

Cheeses Bio

Santo Stefano Quisquina (AG)


The company


The Azienda Agricola Angelo Cacciatore is located in the Sicani Mountains in Santo Stefano Quisquina near C / da Buonanotte, at the foot of a wooded area bordering an ideal hilly area for pastures.






The territory is unique and uncontaminated, rich in springs with large varieties of plants and flowers and a mountain climate that, combined with the typical warm seasons of the Mediterranean, favors high quality pastures with unique hints transferred to milk and can be found in the cheese produced.

For about 10 years the company produce Certified Biologic Cheese, working only Italian milk of its pastures. It doing this to give value and recognition to a genuine product as well as tasty because controlling the pastures is able to maintain the high quality of cheeses produced throughout the year.








The cheese produced is both sheep and goat milk and is produced in its three variants: fresh, semi-seasoned and seasoned.

Fresh cheese is the classic Primosale, slightly salted table cheese, with compact and white pasta and slightly yellow straw colour thin crust. The flavor is harmoniously salty and consumed after about 10 days of production.

The same fresh cheese is aged for about 4 months to have semi-seasoned, obtaining both table cheese and grated cheese with a compact yellow paste and intense and tasty flavor.

After about 6 months of maturing, finally, the seasoned cheese is obtained with compact and granular pasta, intense yellow color and thick crust, with a spicy and tasty flavor. Both for the table and to grater, an indispensable ingredient for enriching typical Sicilian dishes.