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Pistiamo pistachio cream 200g

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Pistachio FitCream 370 g

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Hazelnut and Cocoa FitCream 370 g

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Lercara Friddi (PA)


The company was born in a small town in the Sicilian hinterland on the border with the Sicani Mountains.

From the processing of dried fruit, a line of sweet spreadable creams is born which is divided into two lines, the classic one such as "Pistiamo", the sweet Pistachio cream and ITALFIT, a brand of food products rich in proteins and with no added sugar.

As good as if they were classic products despite having a high percentage of protein and no added sugar.

In order to give anyone, sportsmen or not, the opportunity to indulge in a guilt-free whim.

The production of spreadable creams starts from the roasting of the characterizing raw material, such as the roasting of the pistachio, passing through the grinding and refining together with the other ingredients.

A sweet and nutritious line as well as sugar free.