Azienda Agricola Serra Pernice

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Organic Orange Marmelade 314 g

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Nero Cappuccio Sicano Bio 75 cl

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Organic Mandarin Liqueur 50 cl

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di Enrico Caldara

Ristorante – Pizzeria – Prodotti Bio – Pernottamento

Escursioni – Iniziative culturali - Spettacoli

San Biagio Platani (AG)


The company


For about thirty years the company has been cultivated by applying the ICEA controlled organic farming method.

It covers an area of ​​about 10 hectares where ancient wheat Perciasacchi, legumes, oranges, grapes and olives are grown, which are processed and packaged at their own farm.






Associated with the company there's the farmhouse called "Serra Pernice", whose construction was carried out using the method of bio-architecture. It offers both overnight stays and restaurant reservations, where you can enjoy organic produce from your own land.

The same organic processed products, as well as farm holidays, are also available at the "Naturally Bio" shop located at San Biagio Platani in Via Veneziano, 2.