Macelleria da Rocco

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Sicilian Dried Sausage 300 g

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Sicilian Artisanal Salami 300 g

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New Sicilian Spicy Salami 220 g

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Fast Cooking Meat 3-4 kg

Available from October to April

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Mixed Pork Meat 4-5 kg

Available from October to April

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Mixed Beef Meat 3-4 kg

Available from October to April

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Mixed Meat of Beef and Pork 4-5 kg

Available from October to April

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Macelleria da Rocco

Santo Stefano Quisquina (AG)


The Company

After much experience in the butchery field, at the beginning of 2023, taking over the management of a local butcher's shop, Rocco Cassotta opened his own business in Santo Stefano Quisquina proposing his food and wine idea.

The basis is the exclusive use of locally farmed meat, animals such as pigs and calves born and raised in the Santo Stefano Quisquina area.

In itself, the meat from the Sicani Mountains is appreciated throughout the local and surrounding area, like the calves raised indoors but which from birth are fortunate enough to feed on the very high quality milk of cattle raised outdoors, as well as the local hay. The main quality of the pigs always raised in the area is traceability, as well as sustainable and non-intensive breeding methods in an area of ​​significant naturalistic impact.

He combines the quality of the meat with his ideas for preparations, delicious recipes with a wide assortment, as well as the preparation of typical and traditional recipes without the use of preservatives which stand out in fresh sausage, dried sausage and cured meats.



The products

As excellences among the range of choices there are mainly the traditional sausage, with only the addition of salt, wild fennel seeds and black pepper. A unique and inimitable taste of the Sicilian territory such as that of the Sicani Mountains.

Also among the fresh meat there is availability of Beef Sirloin and Rib Eye, slices chosen for the preparation of breaded bread or pizzaiola, minced beef for the classic ragù, meatballs or hamburgers, and Pork Belly with its delicious taste.

For cured meats, the proposal always offers dried sausage with the same recipe as the fresh one but then seasoned for delicious appetizers, in addition to salamis with a typical traditional taste and without the use of preservatives or dairy products.

All the taste of meat from the Sicani Mountains