Giovanni Cacciatore

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Salted Ricotta 450 g

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Sweetened Ricotta Cream 1 kg

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Giovanni Cacciatore

Dairy Products

Santo Stefano Quisquina (AG)


The Company

Now in the third generation of food trade, with a great family tradition in the sector, at the beginning of the 1950s Giovanni's father, Mr. Andrea Cacciatore, specialized in the refining and marketing of local cheeses and subsequently, with great Giovanni's spirit of entrepreneurial initiative, in the processing and production of sweet Ricotta cream for pastry shops.

In the sign of tradition, therefore, the Giovanni Cacciatore company is today the main point of reference for the selection of quality dairy products from the Sicani Mountains, as well as for any occasion or event that wanted to enhance their quality.

It is not difficult to see it or have seen it with the utmost availability for both local events such as our renowned Cheese Festival, and for Festivals of neighboring Municipalities such as the Mediterranean Fair or on the occasion of the production of Cassata Gigante by the greatest pastry chefs, premises where he has always made himself available also in the supply of raw materials.






The Products

Specialized in the refining and maturing of locally produced cheeses and salted ricotta, the retailers in the province of Agrigento and Palermo turn to him for the availability of these products, as well as local customers.

It is also one of the major producers of the original and unique Quisquina Sweet Ricotta Cream, now appreciated not only beyond the Sicilian but also Italian borders.

In fact, it supplies the main pastry shops in Palermo who want to offer the best proposal of traditional sweets, as well as various pastry shops in Italy and Europe who appreciate the taste given by the pastures of Quisquina and the Sicani Mountains.






Quality, taste and tradition are what you will find at Giovanni Cacciatore