Luna Sicana

Società Agricola Luna Sicana





Agricultural Company Luna Sicana

Casteltermini (AG)


The Agricultural Company Luna Sicana was founded in 2008 in a valley in Casteltermini (Agrigento), with the desire to enhance the potential of this land through the enhancement of native vines, olive trees, the production of pistachios and the cultivation of wheat and oats.

With the commitment to redevelop the entire area, it is proposed as a new reality in an ancient world and since 2012 it manages all its cultivations and processing phases under a certified organic regime.


The production focuses mainly on wine, with vineyards of native varieties and a quality born from the particularities that distinguish this territory.

Constant presence of the wind: this phenomenon allows there to be no stagnant humidity, with a consequent drastic reduction of phytosanitary treatments. In this way we obtain a raw material free from traces of chemical substances from which a highly digestible and healthy wine will be born. Conditions that have allowed the obtaining of organic certification.

Strong temperature changes between day and night: during the summer the excursions vary by well over twenty degrees (eg 40 ° C max day and 15 ° C min at night). This allows and stimulates the formation of variegated and unique aromas that will give the wine personality and elegance.

Presence of salt in the soil: the salt in the soil performs the same action that the harsh climate exerts in the production of the grapes for the champagne, ie prevents the complete maturation of the grape, maintaining a high total acidity (essential condition for sparkling wines) and avoiding the formation of unpleasant aromas.