9TERRE album cd

9TERRE album cd

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Album CD


9TERRE - Libero Reina - 2019


New record by Libero, "songwriter with sequencer".

An album that combines the last year of work in search of a new sound, which manages to coexist ethnic, electro-pop and folk.

A collection of 9 songs, new worlds that are born in the soul of the Sicilian singer-songwriter, meeting and clashing, sometimes opposites, savages or squares in which the same Libero finds himself in the middle.

The album was anticipated by the song "Au Maghreb" accompanied by the video directed by Christian Reina:





The new record sees the return of Libero which, after the publication of some singles, is back with nine songs including "Binnajaah" also accompanied by a significant video, has exceeded 50,000 views on YouTube and also obtained numerous passages on national radio.





1.       Binnajaah

2.       Lassame ccà

3.       He Yama Yo

4.       Au Maghreb

5.       Quando saremo giovani

6.       Timpa

7.       Petricore

8.       Angela

9.       Involuzioni



Federico Maniscalco || bass

Giuseppe Perrone || drum

Pino Tortorici || accordion

Antony Belhay || Cajon

Beatrice La sala + Yamile Fornò + Angela Presti + Pino Tortorici || choirs

Ezio Noto || voices and written in siciliano on “Binnajaah”

Libero Reina || classic guitar, acoustics, electrical, mandolino, ukulele, didgeridoo, armonica, sintetizzatori, drum machine, tabla, voice, choir

Produced by Libero Reina and Francesco barbata

Recorded and mixed by Francesco Barbata from

Disco33 recording studio - Sciacca (AG)

Mastering by Salvatore Addeo – Aemme Studio

Artwork: Lorenzo e Libero Reina

Photo: Christian Reina

cd tray: Teatro Andromeda


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Artist: Libero Reina

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