Natural Winter Protection

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Products composition:

Honey and Pollen 250 g

Honey and Propolis 250 g

Mother tint of Propolis 10 ml

Beeswax and Hypericum 30 ml

Beeswax and Calendula 30 ml

Beeswax and Rosa Mosqueta lip balm


Natural protection for the winter

Indispensable natural products in winter for total protection and healing effects.

For a prevention against seasonal influences, the proposal includes "Honey and Pollen" and "Mother tincture of propolis", which thanks to the innumerable beneficial properties increase the immune system.

To treat the symptoms of sore throat, the addition of "Honey and Propolis" helps with antibiotic and soothing effects.

For the skin, on the other hand, total protection against cold symptoms, thanks to the creams based on beeswax and St. John's wort useful for protecting and treating the hands and body from chilblains and cracking, Beeswax and more delicate Calendula suitable for face care and protection, as well as beeswax and rosehip chapstick which prevents chapping of the lips thanks to the protective and moisturizing film.

For the characteristics of each one you can see the individual products on the site.

If taking flower pollen for the first time, it is advisable to try a very small amount first to make sure you are not subject to allergic reactions due to the wide variety of flowers from which it derives. recommended

Shipping weight: 2 kg

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