Organic Sugarfree Winter Breakfast

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Products composition:

Organic Brasiliano Oranges 10 kg

Organic Peeled Almonds 500 g

Wild blackberries with only organic fruit sugars 250 g

Flower Pollen 120 g


Organic Sugarfree Winter Breakfast

For a winter breakfast that can be rich in nutrients and vitamins,

with seasonal products such as local oranges, delicious with wild blackberry compote and grape juice with only fruit sugars, nutritious with peeled almonds and rich in vitamins with flower pollen, a real energy and food supplement.

For the characteristics of each one you can see the individual products on the site.

If taking flower pollen for the first time, it is advisable to try a very small amount first to make sure you are not subject to allergic reactions due to the wide variety of flowers from which it derives. recommended

Shipping weight: 12 kg

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