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Diodoro White Wine IGP - Grillo - 2021

White wine made from grapes harvested by hand in a vineyard located on a sunny hill caressed by the wind in an area rich in limestone.

Produced in a traditional way according to the dictates of the FIVI Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers, to which the company is registered

White wine, fresh and fragrant: made from pure Grillo grapes, an ancient vine, it is said to have been brought to Sicily by the Phoenicians.

Production area: Chinesi district, Alessandria della Rocca AG

Altitude: 400 mt

Soil: calcareous, alkaline and rich in calcium soil

Grapes: 100% Grillo.

Fermentation: in steel at a controlled temperature of about 15 degrees.

Aging: in steel containers for 5 months, followed by 3 months in the bottle.

Degrees: 13%

Serving temperature: 8/10 degrees

Tasting notes: The wine is presented in all its youthful splendor with that side still green and crisp. The light is reflected in a luminous and shining way. The nose is linear, with territoriality that blends perfectly with the characteristics of the grillo, which express fragrant fruits including peach, apricot, mango and prickly pear. Fresh news for the Sicilian landscape, it will accompany the summer in all its splendor.

Pairings: Fish appetizers, Seafood, Eggplant rolls, Pasta with sardines and cuttlefish, Sicilian swordfish. Fresh and slightly seasoned cheeses.


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Producer: Baronia della Pietra

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