Fresh Cheese of Goat with Pistachio 600 g

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Cheese of about 600g / 700g


Fresh Cheese of Girgentana Goat with Pistachio

The fresh cheese of Girgentana Goat is an ancient cheese in semi-hard dough worked rigorously with raw milk, with a typical "basket" shape and aged about 7 days.

Its delicate taste on the palate becomes intense and intriguing in the aftertaste, which characterizes it as a unique product.

Sicilian Pistachio from the Platani Valley is added to the cheese


The Goat Girgentana has its name that derives from Girgenti (today Agrigento), unmistakable for its long spiral horns and lives only in the province of Agrigento. Today its cheese is a Slow Food presidium to protect this ancient goat breed, as it has been seriously threatened with extinction in the last decades.

Its milk is renowned for the quality due to the excellent balance between fats and proteins, very delicate, rich in iron and zinc and easily digestible. Its composition, after that of Donkey, approaches more than any other breast milk, so it is very suitable in the diet of children, the elderly, the sick and in cases of allergy caused by the proteins of bovine milk.


Raw goat's milk, salt, rennet, pistachio from the Platani valley.


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Producer: La Mannirata

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