Oleificio Ciccarello

Oleificio Ciccarello

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Oleificio Ciccarello

Bivona (AG)


The company


The oil production area extends to the mountain territory of Agrigento, characterized by a deep-rooted tradition in the cultivation of olive trees and an ancient practice in the production of Extra virgin olive oil.





Frantoio Ciccarello’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biologic is derived from the cold pressing of olives picked within twenty-four hours. When the oil is produced it is kept in the dark in closed containers, at a cool temperature around 14-18°C, away from heat sources and from bad odors. By following these few rules, the oil will continue to keep their chemical and organoleptic characteristics for a long time. The intense aromatic flavor of Ciccarello’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biologic brings out the flavor of enhances the palate all the most important dishes of local and national cuisine, from vegetable soup to grilled fish, from salads to boiled vegetables.





The varieties of the cultivated, Olives in the area concerned, give to Ciccarello’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biologic a distinctive flavor thanks also to the widespread presence in the area of peach orchards, vineyards and orange groves and to a climate characterized by the mildness coming from the hills and by the agronomic quality of the land.







The products are the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Biologic and Conventional.

It presents an intense golden yellow color with light green shades, a fruity smell, with some hints of almond flavour, an equally fruity taste, and a sweet aftertaste.

It’s obtained from healthy olives picked by hand directly from the plants, from the following varieties in an amount not less than 95%, alone or together in olive groves:

Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola. Other varieties in this area: can also compete in an amount not higher than 5% types like Giarraffa.