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Orange Town

Di Carmelo Russo

Ribera (AG)


The company


Have the good fortune to turn around the world and be accompanied everywhere by the Flavors and the Perfumes of your Earth: Orange Town Ribera is born precisely from this, and from these stimuli it tries to promote and value the many small Artistic, Human and Artistic Excellences, but also And above all the excellence of Earth Products, a territory rich in extraordinary agricultural production.

Agricultural products such as Oranges, Lemons, Fragoline, which have become world-class as "Top Quality Production", and which, combined with the skilled craftsmen's hands, create unique products.

The uniqueness of these local excells has prompted us to give birth to the brand, Golden Ribera, which in a short time has become a point of reference between artisan liquors and also synonymous with quality.






But Orange Town Ribera is not just craft liquor, but thanks to the collaboration with some of the most important local production companies, there are also Jams

All products at km 0, which are born in the Valley of Vegetable by the love and passion for our Land.