Pasticceria Nicolò Spallino

Pasticceria Nicolò Spallino

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Pistachio Sweet Curly

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Pistachio and Almond Pastries 900 g

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Cassatine of Pasta Reale and Pistachio

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Almond Pastries

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Sicilian Desserts

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Bar Pasticceria Nicolò Spallino

Santo Stefano Quisquina (AG)



The Bar Pasticceria di Nicolò Spallino is a local joint to its fourth generation of conductors and offers both sweet and savory with particular mention for the Sicilian Arancine very popular in the area.

The Pastry is the novelty recently proposed by Nicolò, who after some internships in renowned Sicilian premises has decided to add to the family bar.

He created a workshop where craftsmen and selected ingredients, mostly km0, can delight palates with typical Sicilian recipes, traditional desserts, cakes for every occasion, panettone, doves and Easter eggs, ice cream, croissants with manual peeling and more than 13 hours of leavening, but above all the classic ricotta cakes, made exceptional by local ricotta that uses, because we remember that Santo Stefano Quisquina is the country of cheese, with sweet ricotta as one of its excellences, renowned throughout Sicily and well other country..

Handicraft products, km0, quality and of course the Sicilian tradition